Where does boho bride style comes from

If you’re in the market for a wedding dress, or even if you’ve shopped for regular, everyday fashion any time in the last several months, you’ve probably come across the style trend called “boho.” Short for “bohemian,” boho symbolizes laid back, earthy style. According to BBC News, the term was originally used with lower-class European gypsies, specifically in Paris, in the 1850s. The eccentric music and radical art that made the vagabond groups unique inspired artists to create beautiful, colorful styles with bold patterns and call them bohemian. The more natural style was less expensive and evoked spirited energy that mimicked the freedom of the people who never settled. It has since been romanticized in the United States and around the world to mean a style of freedom and movement, of creativity and experimentation.

If you’re someone like me who squeals with joy at the sight of comfy leggings becoming more and more trendy, you’re in luck with the boho trend. Loose-fitting and flowy clothes flatter any body type, and the wide variety of deep, earthy colors complements any skin tone. Mismatching is okay and even encouraged in this style trend, which is extra great for someone like me who struggles to get that picture-perfect image of my dream home decor or my dream wedding design in my head to become a tangible reality.

When it comes to weddings, you can always use a touch of whimsy and some free energy, which the boho style brings into the smallest touches. Adding a sprig of fern to a table centerpiece or weathering some of the signs with a hint of colored paint adds extra charm and helps the guests feel more comfortable and at home.

Nature needs to come into play to make an environment truly boho. If you can add a splash of green, do it, and let some natural light in while you’re at it. Sterile is the opposite of boho - you want the graceful lines, warm textures, and laid back vibes to permeate the occasion. Trust me, it will help both you and your guests feel better.

There are so many reasons why so many women choose a boho look for their wedding. First of all, boho dresses are comfortable - and who doesn’t want to feel comfortable on the biggest day of their lives? Second, they make you look like a goddess angel from a miraculous cloud in outer space - look at the low backs, the flowy sleeves, the tiny details, and the soft, billowing fabric of these boho dresses! For a wedding at the beach, imagine yourself floating down a sandy aisle to your true love, the wind carrying you as it wisps through the light, flowy fabric of your bohemian gown. Or if your wedding is in the city, a boho wedding dress can bring an eccentric, artsy twist to the day - adding the touch of nature and a free spirit mentality can help calm you and your guests down. It’s not hard to see what makes these boho styles so appealing, and I don’t see their popularity going anywhere anytime soon.

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