“Something old, something new… Something borrowed, and something blue”

We’ve all heard our grandmothers reminding us to include something borrowed and something blue in our wedding day design, but where does this idea come from and how can we make it a meaningful part of the big day?

According to The Knot, the phrase comes from an Old English tradition that encouraged thoughtful choices in the planning of a wedding day. Good luck charms have been around since the beginning of civilization, and it never hurts to toss in a little boost of positive energy into a somewhat stressful (good stressful, but still a little overwhelming nonetheless) event.

Each of the pieces of the rhyme mean something different - let’s look at each and see if we can think of the loveliest examples for you to use in your wedding! Even Kate Middleton borrowed one of the Queen’s tiaras for her wedding outfit! Most of us probably can’t borrow anything from a member of royalty, but there are ways to incorporate the superstition in practical ways.

Something Old: This first part is said to represent heritage and longevity. It’s important to remember where you and your future spouse come from so that you can better understand where you want to go. Heirlooms, fragments of family history, and keepsakes are perfect to remind us of all of the love that came before our own. While some women use a piece of their grandmother’s wedding dress or a vintage piece of jewelry, others dig up some older music or some pictures of family members from another generation.

Something New: While it’s beneficial to reflect on the past and what makes you who you are as a couple, it is also so beautiful (and fun!) to dream about what’s to come. This can be done by purchasing something or by creating something new together. Maybe a hand-stitched handkerchief with important words to you embroidered on it, or maybe beautiful fresh flowers in your bouquet - don’t be afraid to get creative with what “new” means to you. How beautiful it would be if someday this item could be used for someone else’s “something old” down the line!

 Something Borrowed: This piece comes from the idea of sharing your fortune with someone else. When you borrow an item from a friend who is successful in their relationship, the idea is that their positivity will bring light to you as well. Be thoughtful about this choice - who inspires you to be a better partner to your true love? Whose relationship journey do you want to emulate? Talk to your partner and start a dialogue about examples you want to pay attention to in your own marriage.

Something Blue: The color blue stands for tranquility, steadfastness, and fidelity to the love of your life. Wearing it (or displaying it somewhere in the ceremony) represents the certainty of your decision to love this person for the rest of your life. Whether it’s a garter hidden under your dress or a bow tie on the ringbearer, the splash of blue will remind you of your biggest promise and the excitement of the day.

Obviously the main focus of your wedding is your true love waiting at the other end of that aisle, but there are so many other beautiful bits and pieces, details that can make your wedding day extra special. Ask others for their opinions and creative ideas, but in the end, make decisions that will be meaningful and precious to you.

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