Love Letters... Tips how to write the perfect love letter

“I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days—three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain. “ - Poet John Keats to Fanny Brawne, 1819


What is the most meaningful gift you have received from your significant other? Some will say expensive diamond bracelet, some a romantic candlelight dinner. Even your guy cleaning the bathroom can be seen as a miraculous gift! Others will choose things they wrote or things they said, words each of you can treasure forever.


Love letters, notes that communicate your feelings for Your Person, have been around since humans started using a writing system. When we care deeply about someone, it makes sense for us to attempt to express that passion in any way we can. Of course not everyone can be a world-renowned poet like John Keats, but it is important to communicate appreciation and desire to your partner in your own special way.


Letters don’t need to be written with a feather ink pen on million dollar parchment paper (unless you’re trying to get your love letter in a fancy museum). They can take the form of a thoughtful post-it note on the bathroom mirror or a text in the morning when you wake up with a picture of the sunrise. Letting your true love know that you’re thinking about them in the simplest moments can mean the world. Here are a few tips to create your next beautiful expression of love:


  1. Be authentic. Your partner is the person who knows you better than anyone, so they’ll be the first to spot a fake note in your letter’s voice. If you don’t use the phrase “incandescent beam of perfection” in everyday speech, it might not be the best thing to put in your note. And if you need to use a dictionary to find the most complex words of love in the English language, there’s a good chance it will sound cheesy and fake. That being said, don’t be afraid to jazz up the everyday “I love you” with some words that truly express your feelings.


  1. Be specific. The generic love letter is fine, but you want to let him or her know why you chose them out of everyone else in the world. All of us can feel a little lost in a global society where we constantly see people doing big things - what a beautiful thing it is when someone we love notices the little goodnesses we bring to their world! What did they say the other day that made you smile? When do you feel the best seen by them? Tell a story from your perspective - What is your favorite memory together? Remember, this letter is just between the two of you, so make it as simple or as spicy as you think they’ll like!


  1. Be active. Love letters are great, and I’m all for writing more of them for the people we care about. But if you simply write a note and don’t follow it up with loving actions, the note’s message dies. When you tell someone that you want to support and defend them, the next day shouldn’t be full of arguments, your rejections of their beliefs or putting down their abilities. Confessions of love become even more beautiful when the words come with action - and when your partner sees your words come alive in the relationship, they will trust what you have to say even more in the future!


Keep loving well and write away!

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