Important information about wedding dress materials

Picking your wedding dress can feel like one of the biggest decisions you can make for your big day - you want to look radiant, classic, and traditional… but also sexy, modern, and fun! The material of a dress can totally change the look and the vibe of the day. So how do you decide? So many women want that fairy tale Cinderella ball gown with the sparkles and tulle - but will it be too heavy to walk down the aisle without falling over? Or for that sleek classic look of silk - what does the texture feel like?

These are important questions to consider as you search for The Dress. Aside from the look of your outfit, the comfort level is going to be crucial. Remember the real reason you’re having this wedding: to make you and your true love happy, to show everyone how committed you are to your life together, and celebrate that commitment.

That does not mean you have to be miserable in something itchy or in a tiny dress that restricts your breathing. If the satin feels too heavy, try an alternative that helps you feel the most natural! And don’t be afraid to ask the people at the dress shops to find things that accommodate those preferences - they can help you find the perfect thing.

Lace is so classic, but lately, it has been trending in some unique and modern ways as well. It can be fun to take something that has been traditional in one look and transferring that element to another area of the look. For example, taking that element of delicate lace in a small part of your dress and using it again around the bouquet of flowers you carry adds that extra touch of thoughtfulness - plus you can never have enough lace!

Not only are these materials involved in your wedding dress, but they also can play a part in several other pieces of your wedding to create thoughtfulness in the complete result. For example, if you chose something light and airy for the fabric of your dress like chiffon, incorporate those elements into the tablecloths, centerpieces, and aisle decor. If you’re trying to cozy things up, go for a bit of flannel and deeper colors, softer fabrics that can help provide warmth.

Keep in mind the style and vibe you want to present for your wedding - for a beach wedding, it’s common to keep things flowing and light to let the wind and sunshine catch it. If you’re doing more of a lodge in the mountains theme, it can be nice to add other textures and patterns to add depth. Take into consideration the comfort of your guests - if you’re doing a beach wedding, your guests probably won’t want to sit on dark-colored velvet-covered seats because of the sun’s heat. If you’re getting married in a church, it can be nice to have some kind of extra material at the ends of aisles to add a splash of color or texture to the pews. Don’t be afraid to take risks and get creative with what you have - best of luck adding new kinds of fabric to your big day!

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