75-foot veil from Priyanka wedding

If you grew up listening to the Jonas Brothers on repeat like I did, you understand the heartbreak that came with Nick Jonas getting married and solidifying the fact that he would never call you out of a concert crowd to be with him forever...

It does help to know, though, that he truly got the best of the best with his awe-inspiring, selfless, beautiful wife Priyanka Chopra. Not only is she a brilliant actress and model, but she also a world-changing activist and one of Time Magazine’s most influential people. Chopra amplifies the voices of the oppressed and the marginalized, utilizing her global platform as a way to aid others. Her philanthropic ventures have paved the way for feminist movements and minority rights in her India home and around the world.

So how does a nationally recognized human rights advocate and international entertainment icon accessorize on her wedding day? How did she walk down the aisle to her pop star husband to be?

It was as magical as you would imagine for two unique cultures and traditions coming together as one. The December wedding, which took place in Rajasthan, India in 2018, incorporated Chopra’s Hindi roots with Jonas’ Western matrimony practices. Colorful, diverse, and full of deep symbolic meaning, the wedding used the best parts of each culture. The celebration lasted 3 days with multiple ceremonies and several gorgeous outfits.

Both Jonas and Chopra chose to wear Ralph Lauren, since they first met at a Met Gala for the designer. And that is the very least of the number of sentimental accessories that were thoughtfully put together into the wedding. On Chopra’s dress itself, she had Nick’s full name, the wedding date, and her parents’ names hand-stitched so that she could have her heritage and her loves close by as she walked down the aisle. Nick’s tuxedo featured a lace piece of her dress with the Urdu words “My Jaan,” which translated means “My Life”.


Lauren himself commented after completing his work that Chopra knows who she is, and he wanted to create something that could encapsulate her confidence and deep love for those around her. That was put into the dress with the loving phrases delicately stitched throughout the dress and her mother-in-law’s wedding dress swatch stitched inside another section.

Her stunning wedding look was featured on the Vogue Love and Weddings issue, as well as People magazine and several other publications. It took over 1800 hours to complete the design and the dress, and if you think a 75-foot veil would overshadow any wedding dress, then take a look at pictures of the incredible gown she wore. With over 2 million mother-of-pearl sequins and a full-length set of buttons, the over the top dress fit the extravagant day perfectly. There was a sheer, dreamy nature to the gown, with it’s high collar, textured, finely detailed body stitching, and transparent area around the feet.

In the second ceremony, more focused on Chopra’s Hindu traditions, she wore a stunning, sparkly red Sabyasachi original. For both celebrations, as well as the many more before and after the actual matrimony ceremonies, Nick and Priyanka both looked striking, bold and courageous, and completely in love.

Picture from CNN.com

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